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Nursing Scholarships

The American Heart Association and Macy's Multicultural Scholarship Fund

The American Heart Association and Macy's are collaborating for a third year to drive diversity in medicine through the Go Red® Multicultural Scholarship Fund. It provides $2,500 scholarships for multicultural women pursuing college or graduate school degrees in healthcare fields.

For additional information or to apply, please visit their website at http://powertoendstroke.org/articledetails.cfm?hl=en&category=vida-saludable&post-id=31&cfpostid=31.

The Titmus Memorial Nursing Student Fund

We are excited to announce a new program of the Southside Health Education Foundation (SHEF), the Titmus Memorial Nursing Student Fund. Beginning this September, SHEF funding will be available for nursing students and nurses who wish to enhance their existing career with further education. Practicing nurses are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Titmus Memorial Nursing Student Fund covers tuition costs for nurses who, upon completion of their degree, retain employment in the Southside region. The tuition funding is administered in the form of a forgivable loan. For each six months of employment as a nurse in the region, students will be released from the requirement to re-pay one semester’s tuition costs.

  • Applications for the Titmus Memorial Nursing Student Fund are available on the SHEF website: www.shefva.org.
  • The deadline for applications is July 8, 2013 by 5 pm.

The Titmus Memorial Nursing Student Fund is a great expansion of SHEF’s current scholarship funds because it perfectly fits our mission to support education and retention of a healthcare workforce - from the Southside serving the Southside. Since its founding in 2008, SHEF has awarded over $750,000 in scholarships to over 250 individuals affiliated with its service region.

Carolyn Keys Memorial Scholarship

 The Carolyn Keys Scholarship may be awarded by the Mary Custis Lee _ 17th Virginia Regiment Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, on an academic semester basis, to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia who are pursuing undergraduate study in nursing, pre-medical or health-oriented disciplines at Virginia schools, colleges, and universities, who have applied for the scholarship and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be LINEAL descendants of a Confederate soldier or sailor, or a member or former member of the Children of the Confederacy, or a UDC member, or the child of a UDC member (living or deceased).
  • A 3.0 GPA is required

The deadline for submitting an application is June 1. For more information, download the information & application packet .

The Eugene Michael Yura and Eli Petrun Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship

 The scholarship will be awarded annually to one or more students using the following criteria:

  • Full time Junior or Senior 
  • Admitted into the Old Dominion University Undergraduate Nursing  program
  • A demonstrated financial need (established by the Office of Financial Aid)

 For more information and application deadlines, please contact the financial aid office. 

Marilyn Frakes Quinn Endowed Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship.

Marilyn Frakes Quinn was born Marilyn Jean Frakes on Halloween in 1937.  Her mother died of asthma when she was a small child, and her father gave her over to her older sister to raise.  She grew into a young woman in Southern Missouri, living in a small shack without electricity or running water until she completed high school, married, and in 1954 moved to Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia as the wife of a young Airman.  She moved back to Missouri and had three sons, but by 1970 was divorced.  Soon after the divorce, her uninsured house burned down, and she was left homeless with three boys to raise on her own.  Too proud to accept public aid, she moved her whole family into her brother’s kitchen and started looking for work.  The only previous work she had done was chopping cotton and serving as a department store clerk in her youth.  After several failed attempts at starting a career, she obtained a Licensed Practical Nurse certificate and was thereafter able to support her family and get all three sons to complete a college education.  She eventually became Safety Director for a St. Louis Ship shipyard.  In 1992, she became one of the last people in the state of Missouri to be allowed to sit for the Nursing Home Administrators exam who did not have formal postsecondary training in health care administration.  She taught herself college-level management, personnel, and finance, and passed the test.  From 1992 to 1996 she was administrator of the River Oaks Care Center in Steele, Missouri, which she transformed into a vibrant, loving community for elders and the disabled.   Mrs. Quinn currently resides in Steele, Missouri , with her husband of more than 20 years.

 The scholarship will be awarded annually to one student using the following criteria:
        • Full time Junior or Senior
        • Admitted into the Old Dominion University Undergraduate Nursing Program
        • A demonstrated financial need (established by the Office of Financial Aid)

For more information and application deadlines, please contact the financial aid office.

Mildred A. Mason Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Mildred A. Mason Memorial Scholarship Foundation will award one or more scholarships of at least $500 (unless the cost of the program is  less) annually to a Virginia resident with documented academic ability, personal qualities which show promise of success, and well defined goals. The individual must also fit one or more of the following categories:

  • An individual who is planning to enter a non-degree career and technical education program to become a health care worker and has been admitted to an approved program in Virginia.
  • A health care worker desiring further education in his or her chosen field, who has completed a technical health and medical science program, and has been admitted to an approved program in Virginia
  • A professional health care worker pursuing a planned program of instruction for the purpose of teaching in a technical health and medical science program in Virginia.
  • A Virginia technical health and medical science educator who has been accepted into a planned program of study leading to a higher degree in his or her profession or in education (The scholarship is not intended for use in teacher certification).

The deadline for submitting an application is April 1. For more information, download the information & application packet .

TOWN Foundation Scholarship

  • Applications accepted from admitted sophomore students each fall semester.
  • Scholarship is based on need.
  • Scholarship packets are mailed out in April.
  • Deadline for applications is May 1.
  • The nursing admissions committee reviews the applications that meet the requirements. Each applicant submits a packet that consists of an application, three references and a 500-word essay. Those who meet the requirementare invited to come in for an interview with the committee. The selected recipient is notified by a phone call followed by a letter.

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded to selected junior and senior students.
  • The Office of Financial Aid identifies students meeting selection criteria and consults with nursing.
  • The nursing admissions committee selects the recipients during the summer prior to their junior year.
  • The selections are sent back to the university financial aid office who informs the selected recipients.

Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship

  • This scholarship is sponsored through the Office of Health Policy and Planning, Virginia Department of Health.
  • Available to all nursing students.
  • The scholarship booklet is available in Room 2101 in Hughes Hall.  Application deadline is June 1st of each year.The booklets can be downloaded from their website:http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/primcare/center/scholarship/nursing.asp

AfterCollege/AACN Nursing Scholarship Fund

  • This scholarship program is sponsored by AfterCollege and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)
  • The scholarship program supports students who are seeking a baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree in nursing.  Special consideration is given to students:
    • Enrolled in a master's or doctoral program with the goal of pursuing a nursing faculty career.
    • Completing an RN to baccalaureate program (BSN)
    • Enrolled in an accelerated baccalaureate or master's degree nursing program.  Nursing scholarships are available to all nursing students.
  • All applicants must already be enrolled in a nursing program from an AACN member institution.
  • The student must have a GPA of 3.25 or higher,.
  • The scholarship award is $2,500.00
  • For more information and application deadlines, go to the website at http://www.aftercollege.com/groups/aacn.asp?id=670873706
  • For information about jobs, go to their website at

Captain Kenneth B. Austin, USN, and Mrs. Virginia Frank Keller Austin Scholarship for Nursing Students

  • Must be full-time student with junior status who has been accepted into the School of Nursing
  • Must have an overall cumulative 3.5 GPA
  • Must have successfully completed all sophomore-level nursing courses

The Norris-Keeley Scholarship Fund

  • Current licensure as a registered nurse in the Commonwealth of VA
  • Completion of most of the general education requirements at the time of admission into the RN-BSN program
  • Enrollment in at least six-semester credits of BSN curriculum courses per semester
  • Demonstrate academic excellence during the first semester enrolled in the RN-BSN program
  • Cumulative GPA 3.5 or higher

Amerigroup Leadership Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Preference will be given to students who income makes them eligible for Pell grants
  • Priority given to students who have dependent children
  • Undergraduate junior or senior accepted into the nursing program in the College of Health Sciences
  • Must be enrolled at least half-time

Joseph Petro and Helen Yura Petro Endowed Nursing Scholarship

  • Full-time Nursing Student
  • Junior/Senior
  • Demonstrate financial need

George & Susan Petro and Michael & Anna Yura Endowed Scholarship

  • Full-time Nursing Student
  • Junior/Senior
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

Southern Mid-Atlantic Navy Nurse Corps Association


A scholarship is being offered to undergraduate nursing student to continue their studies for a baccalaureate degree in nursing or for students who have a non-nursing baccalaureate degree and are pursuing a master in nursing as entry level into the profession. Recipients of scholarships will be selected by the Southern Mid-Atlantic Navy Nurse Corps Association (SMANNCA) Scholarship Committee. You can find the application here.

PRA Scholarship Opportunity

More information about this scholarship can be found here.

Chesapeake General Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

If you are currently pursuing a career in the healthcare field, and attending a college of university or enrolled in an accredited program of study, you may be eligible for a Chesapeake General Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship. The Auxiliary is awarding $1000.00 scholarships. More information can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Janice Lader
Undergraduate Program Coordinator and
Nursing Scholarship Administrator
E-mail: jlader@odu.edu
Office Phone:757-683-4299