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Philosophical Statement


Organizational Framework

The philosophy of the School of Nursing is consistent with the mission of the College of Health Sciences and the University. Incorporated into the philosophical statement of the School of Nursing are faculty beliefs reflective of the health and nursing needs of man and society. The philosophy statement, revised in 2002 and reviewed in 2008 follows.

The faculty believe:

A person is a unique individual of dignity and worth, holistic in nature with biological, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual and developmental dimensions. Perceptions, values and goals motivate a person to adopt health behaviors.

Throughout the life cycle, a person's health is influenced by their constant interaction with the environment. The environment is characterized by dynamically interacting internal and external components.

Health is comprised of wellness and illness dimensions with both subjective and objective components that are viewed from both the perspective of the client and the nurse.

Nursing is a profession that assists patients in developing adaptive responses to dimensions of health. Nursing practice is based on nursing knowledge with concepts integrated from biological, behavioral, and social sciences and incorporates technical, interpersonal, ethical, legal, leadership and scientific inquiry skills. The nurse utilizes critical thinking to develop therapeutic nursing interventions to promote, maintain, or restore health or support a peaceful death within a nursing process framework. Professional nursing practice is based upon accepted Standards of Practice. The nurse uses communication techniques to provide nursing care, patient education and leadership.

Education is an integral component of personal and professional growth and development. The student is viewed as a self-directed learner who is committed to life-long learning. Faculty view education as a process of continuous improvement enhanced by innovative techniques to support student development as a professional nurse.